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Hello & Welcome to Heriz Gallery

A family owned carpet business established in 1950 in Teheran, Iran. 

In 1991, Heriz Gallery opened on South African shores as a wholesale, supplier of carpet and rug.

In 2006, Javad Shokouhbin and Majid Saffari joined forces to bring you a unique carpet shop experience in the form of Heriz Gallery, located in the heart of Fourways.

In collaboration with interior decorators, manufacturers and carpet designers, Heriz Gallery. The Rug Merchants strive to add special items to an already-impressive collection every year in an effort to bring you the ultimate in variety. 

A buyer who finds the whole idea of purchasing a carpet or rug daunting, will soon understand that the story is actually quite simple, and that every single piece has been woven with care, dedication and even passion – an increasingly elusive cocktail in modern life.

Javad Shokouhbin & Majid Saffari