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Kelim Carpets

Kelim rugs are better known today as flat weave carpets, without pile and were initially used as floor coverings made by nomades for their tents. As time passed and  people began to show interest they soon became commercialised to what we know now.  Originally these carpets were woven for purpose(once own use) out of goat and camel wool; giving a rougher texture and increasing durable compared to the newer ones which are now made of lambs wool making it more pleasant to walk on.   These are traditionally distinguished by area, villages or cities they were produced in.

Heriz Gallery  premium handwoven supplier  showcasing both traditional and modern colour schemes and patterns. When it comes to searching for decorative rugs and carpets, these bright and beautiful. Our carpets and rugs are of high quality, carefully hand selected and exclusive to our store in Fourways, South Africa. Offering traditional repair and restoration, interior design advice and insurance valuations.

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