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In House Carpet Services

In House Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaners ready to take care of your home and office carpets.

  • Traditional dry and wet carpet cleaning methods.

  • Very competitive cleaning charges.

  • Ensuring your investment is kept in mint condition.

Carpet Repair & Restoration

Is it very important to follow the proper care techniques to keep these beautiful pieces in good condition.

  • Traditional techniques are used to repair and restore carpets and rugs.

  • Services include  securing, refringe, overcast, stretch and restore.

  • Repair and restoration charges are dependent on size.

Buy Persian Carpet Surface Shampoo Products

A specially formulated concentrate used as a foam to remove minor marks from Persian and Oriental carpets.

  • Great for spot cleaning your carpets.

  • Recommended only for surface cleaning.

  • Can also be used on fitted carpets, upholstered furniture and vinyl car seats.

Book you Home Consultation Carpet Services

Find inspiration whilst making use of our FREE carpet home consultation service!

  • We assess the style and decor of house.

  • Measurements of the required space for carpets are taken.

  • Let us consult you on the floor planning and colour co-ordination.

Carpet Valuation Certification

Offering authenticity of oriental rugs and carpets.

  • We assist with carpet insurance claims.

  • We assist in the evaluation of your carpets and rugs.

  • Handmade carpets and rugs  evaluation certificates.

In House Carpet Trade In Services

We have a good understanding of the ever changing industry, fashion trends, colours and designs.

  • Same-day appointments
  • We like to offer the means and ways for clients to change something old for something new.

  • Let us help you financially, assisting you in your next purchase.

Non Slip Carpet Underlay

Wondering how to keep your rugs from slipping?

  • We have one of the highest qualities of underfelt/ non slip underlay’s in the country.

  • Manufactured locally offering additional thickness of 5-7mm.

  • Reduce the risk of slipping.