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Rug Trends: The Future of the Rug Industry

Up until the early 1980s, rugs from Persia (now Iran), dominated 80 to 90% of the global rug market. While these designs remain timeless and offer unique, handmade Persian value, the world market is changing.

Advancements in the technology of weaving machines, modern looms, and the development of modern fibres by fabric engineers is revolutionising the rug industry. Today there is an almost limitless array of classic and contemporary rugs available, that are cheaper and faster to make.

Unfortunately, the Persians/Iranians did not do for their Persian Rug industry what France did for its Champagne industry – ensuring that the brand name can only be used if the sparkling wine is made in the area called ‘Champagne’. Today the word ‘Persian’ is interchangeable with almost any kind of oriental looking rug that often originates in the areas that surround Iran (or former Persia) like Afghanistan, Turkey, and India.

However, Persian designers still have something enigmatic in their skillset. They are highly rated worldwide, and their designs will ensure this art form continues to inspire the world.