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How to Choose a Rug

Choosing a rug should be a fun project, but it can quickly become overwhelming.
Over decades in operation, we’ve developed a few key guidelines to consider when purchasing a rug.

At Heriz Gallery, we have a simple method of narrowing down your options to a few suitable pieces – taking your unique needs into consideration. Our rule of thumb is to consider size, style, colour, and price. Homing in on these elements effectively eases the process of sifting through thousands of rugs, ensuring you leave with the perfect piece to complement your space.

1. Know the area size of the room you want the rug to decorate.
2. Measure the area where the rug would ideally be placed.
3. To give yourself more options from which to choose, always know the minimum and maximum sizes for the rug that would fit well in the room, with your furniture.

Decor Tips:

1. Never put a small rug in a small area. The eye’s line of vision stops where the rug ends, so a smaller rug seems to ‘pull’ the room inwards making it feel more confined.
2. A bigger rug under the couch, bed, or drawers helps to expand the size of the room visually, making it look more open and pleasing to the eye.
3. In a dining room, it is advisable to have the chairs on the rug, even when they are pulled out to be sat on. However, it is acceptable if the chairs at the heads of the table aren’t perfectly on the rug (half on and half off the rug when pulled out).

Bear in Mind…

1. Bigger does not necessarily mean more expensive.
2. Consider the room layout/ergonomics and how people will move through the room and use the furniture. For example, make sure you don’t have one side of a rug in a well walked area as it will wear out quicker than the other side.

There are no rules when it comes to your style and design preferences. Feel free to choose something you really love, and that your room will like too. Style choices are highly personal, and our team can help you determine what the best fit is to match your personality or your business’ identity.

The most basic design tip is that Traditional and Classical style homes and decor will work best with Traditional and Classical style rugs. The same is true for Modern/Contemporary style homes and rugs.

In some cases, styles can be mixed for effect. Again, choose what you love, what will beautify your home, workspace, or office.

Looking at and walking on the rug you love every day, can bring great joy!

The use of colour in decorating is a science all on its own.

The number one rule in decorating a room is to start with the bottom of the room – like the floor tile and carpets – and then work your way up to the furniture choices, wall colours, artwork and light fittings. If the room is already decorated to your liking, and you need to add a beautiful rug to complete the look, that’s perfectly fine too.

Remember that Persians are not just floor coverings; they are also pieces of art and add creativity, personality, and ornamental value to every room – whether your bedroom or a more public office space.

Rugs often have many gorgeous colours in each piece, but the main colours are immediately recognisable. Our team of experts will give you simplistic guidelines on the core colours of each rug. You can also view these in the colour blocks* beside each rug on the product pages.

Our advice is to choose colours that will either blend with similar colour palettes in the room, or that pick up a certain colour in the room, to either complement this or create contrast.

*Bear in mind that colours in even the best digital images can differ slightly in real life, where lighting and angle variations can vary the colour tones.

Price is often the first thing you will have in mind when buying a rug.

This is the last step on our list because we know you’ll need the other criteria to help you narrow down a few choices. It can be useful to see rugs with higher value on one side and rugs that are more affordable for everyday wear and tear on the other.

Our sales staff operate with decades of experience and will guide you through a range of rug options to choose from. We’ll always endeavour to find the best fit for you personally, and never push clients into simply buying the most expensive piece.

Now the choice is yours. To make the best decision, you should ideally have some knowledge or understanding of how the value of the rug is determined. This is not always immediately obvious, but some key features of a rug and the rug industry can help you make an informed decision.