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HG Rating Guide

At Heriz Gallery we have created an easy to use HG Rating Guide for each rug. This is designed to give customers a better understanding of the quality and value of each rug.

Each rug is rated according to specific information, including:

  • Is it handmade or machine made?
  • What fibres are used to weave the rug? (e.g., wool or polyester, etc.)
  • What country does it hail from?
  • What is the weave density or knot count per square inch?

We rate each rug out of a score of 10. Our rating is established based on various aspects of each individual rug. We do not stock rugs that we would rate under five out of 10. Many of our products are rated between five and seven out of 10. Our upper ranges are rated between eight and 10 out of 10.