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Determining the Value of a Rug

Genuine rugs from Iran, once Persia, or from the Orient, are highly prized by collectors everywhere. Renowned for the elegance of their patterns, the intricate weaving of their colours, their longevity, and the craftmanship that goes into creating each unique piece, these beautiful masterpieces will elevate any environment.

When choosing a rug, there are a number of factors that can help to determine its value:

Age & Presevation

The making of Persian and Oriental rugs is an ancient tradition in many countries. The antiquity of a rug and the way it has been cared for is very important. If the rug is damaged, its value will be lessened. The oldest rugs that are still in good shape will typically be the most valuable.


A rug’s place of origin may also affect its value. For instance, Iran, Turkey, and many of the other Oriental countries (many of which were originally part of the greater Persian Empire), have a tradition of creating beautiful, vintage rugs. Due to their strong heritage of fine rug craftsmanship, certain regions may command a greater price for their rugs.

Materials & Skills

Genuine rugs are typically made from the highest quality natural materials such as Kurk Wool, Cotton and Silk, which all add to the value of the rug. Other quality materials that are sometimes used are animal fibres from sheep, goats or camels, or metal threads.

The craftmanship that goes into creating the rug is very important, as is the method of construction used. Genuine hand-knotted rugs are created by skilled weavers who spend hours, sometimes over years, laboriously and meticulously tying every single knot by hand. This adds value to the rug and makes it more likely to increase in value over the years.

Unique Beauty

A rug’s aesthetic appeal and originality are intrinsic to the value of the rug. Choosing a rug that is timeless, well-made and distinctive in appearance will give it longevity in your home and only add to its value.